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A good Headshot photographer is priceless!

Now it’s time to get your corporate headshot!

Firstly, one important way is to make sure you make a good visual impression on your online business page is by hiring a good headshot photographer. Secondly, make up the background and highlight of all photos that are currently available (this gives users an image with more information when they search for it), as well as having interesting, colorful captions. Thirdly, photographing someone’s face or body in person requires expertise because this makes those details stand out even better. A great photoshoot will show off their personality like never before – but only if done correctly!. Most importantly we use sharp lenses designed to create vivid colors so customers can easily identify each other through them; so, avoid using flashlights which may not be appropriate where lighting conditions permit. People are beginning to see the value and importance of investing in professional corporate business headshots – Read more…

Photo Studio 308 headshot photographer

Photo Studio 308 Corporate headshot

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Photo Studio 308 actors headshot new york

Acting Headshots NYC

For instance, your headshot is your calling card in your acting career; so, you better take the best kind of headshots to ensure that an acting agency will call you up. In other words, a headshot is almost like a passport size picture but bigger and more characteristic because it’s acting right? Therefore, a typical headshot ranges about 8×10 inches and can either be in black and white or colored.

However, what kind of acting headshots do actors need? In conclusion, the kind of headshots should meet the requirements of an acting recruiting agency. So, the agency goes through the headshots to determine which actors to call into an audition for a role. Therefore, actors require headshots that meet the needs of a recruiting agency and then more – Read more…

Are you looking for an affordable wedding photographer in NYC?

Congratulations! You’re engaged. So, it’s such a happy milestone and a reason to celebrate. Therefore, what better way than to schedule an engagement photo shoot to document this important time in your life? So, if you are fortunate enough to live in or near Manhattan, you will have no shortage of places to take pictures in NYC. Central Park engagement shoot, anyone? Of course, if there is a spot that has significant meaning to you as a couple, then you should start there. However, this is a celebration of your love and there are a number of just plain scenic and romantic outdoor venues that will do the trick. So, please check out some of our recommendations, here: – Read more…

Photo Studio 308 wedding photographer nyc

Photo Studio 308 new york wedding photographer

Photo Studio 308 how to make a modeling portfolio

Photo Studio 308 actors how to build a model portfolio?

How to build a model portfolio?

So, when you think about how to build a model portfolio, you can understand that it is no easy task especially if you are a beginner in your career.  However, as a beginner, you may not know where to begin from or who to approach in your modeling career. In other words, starting a modeling career can be a daunting task but with the right information, it could be made easy.

For instance, as a model you have to remember that your model portfolio acts like your modeling resume, therefore when you think about how to create a modeling portfolio, you must make sure it represents who you are in the industry. So, it should have everything about you that makes a good impression and showcases what it is you can do. In addition, if you know what is best for you then here is how to make a professional modeling portfolio using a step-by-step guide in building an effective model portfolio for yourself. – Read more…

What is the purpose of a boudoir shoot?

In other words, Boudoir photography is increasingly becoming a more popular form of photography and expression among women looking for anything from a little confidence boost to a full stepping outside their comfort zone. So, the word “boudoir” is a French term meaning, a woman’s bedroom or private room. Therefore, the idea is that it is a sacred space where a woman can be herself, relax, feel comfortable, sensual, even playful. However, there is a notion of inherent mystery surrounding boudoir photography, and capturing what is usually considered a private moment behind closed doors.

In conclusion, the reasons for considering boudoir photography are varied. In other words, it can simply be a way for you to feel beautiful, confident, or capture a moment in time that you would like to preserve; perhaps a time in your life that you feel youthful and vivacious, or just the opposite, so, if you’re feeling down and need a confidence boost.  So, the experience of boudoir photography can be a truly empowering experience. – Read more…

Photo Studio 308 boudoir shoot

Photo Studio 308 new york boudoir photoshoot

Photo Studio 308 product photography

Photo Studio 308 amazon product photography

Photo Studio 308 product shoot

Photo Studio 308 product photo

Photo Studio 308 product photoshoot

The Importance of Product Photography

For instance, we have become a society where consumers with money (and often, little time) are drawn to easily digestible visual imagery. Firstly just look at the explosion in popularity of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These sites mostly cater to our visual senses. Secondly, they have smartly capitalized on this visual consumerism by evolving their platforms to include eCommerce capabilities. This successful and fast-growing segment proves how valuable the power of images can be.  Thirdly, even traditional e-commerce site Etsy found that 90% of their shoppers say the image quality is critical to their purchase decisions.

In conclusion, the importance of eCommerce photography in featuring your products cannot be stressed enough. In addition, according to Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, “In 2019, e-retail sales accounted for 14.1 percent of all retail sales worldwide…and this figure is expected to reach 22 percent in 2023.”

Product photos can speak to a need, lifestyles, aesthetics, or aspirations of a potential buyer. And what better way to sway a consumer to buy your product than with clean, well-curated, and beautiful images? – Read more…

Photo Studio 308

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Firstly, we offer Passport, Visa, and ID Photography Services, and secondly, we are a team of professional photographers in NYC. Therefore, we offer services that include wedding photography, engagement photography, family portraits, acting headshots, corporate headshots, and product Photography – However we are an equipped Rental Studio in TriBeCa. So, we cater to both established and up-and-coming designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and fine artists.




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Most importantly, there are so many outlets these days that require more than just a “selfie.” Social media sites, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as corporate and personal websites all increasingly require some type of professional headshots photos. Moreover, a key part of the wedding is the memories that you create during the ceremony, and what better way to capture the memories by using wedding photographer NYC.  Therefore, the product photography is one of those things that anyone with an iPhone is capable of doing these days. However, there is a marked difference between what an amateur photographer can capture, and that of a seasoned professional.




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