8 Easy Ways to Improve Website Typography Fast

  Typography, or the way text looks on a website, is a crucial component of website design. Far too many designers ignore the typography, creating text that is difficult to impossible for visitors to read. If you're looking for easy and fast ways to improve the typography of your website, use the following tips. Increase the Contrast of the Text It's all too common for light gray text to be used on a white background or for dark text to be used on a darker background. This makes it far more difficult to read, even if it looks great. Instead, increase the amount of contrast between the text and the background. This helps it pop out more, making it easier for anyone to read. Correct the Spacing Between Words and Lines Headlines should have tighter letter spacing and word spacing, though just by a small amount. This helps prevent the letters from being forced apart by the amount of whitespace around the heading. In text, words and letters can be spaced a little further apart, maki