How Illustrations Add Emotion to User Experience

  Illustrations are essential for websites and apps today. Though there are a lot of ways they can add to the UX, invoking emotions is one of the top reasons to use illustrations. By evoking emotions, it's easier to make a connection with visitors, which helps keep them on the website or using the app. It's easier to create new leads, to encourage repeat visits, and to increase the number of repeat users or buyers. Connect With the Visitors Emotions are the top way to connect with visitors. The right illustrations, whether they're photos, clipart, or other types of illustrations, can add emotion to the website through their connection to the visitors. They may invoke humor, love, fear, sadness, and a host of other emotions based on the particular illustration used and the way in which it's used on the website or in the app. Offer Relatable Imagery Using relatable imagery is another way to use emotion to add to the user experience. When someone can relate to the image, e