Traveling To Modern Greece To See Many Ancient And Modern Places

  Greece, many wonders are popping into my minds that are associated with this word. Greece is the country that has everything: a very rich history, many legends, mighty mythical Gods and picturesque views of its lands and sea. It is a sin not to travel at least once in a lifetime to Greece and plunge into its culture and beauty. Everyone has to try and enjoy living in a house made to look in appearance like Flintstone’s house with a luxurious modern touch and unique charm. People are attracted to Greece like a magnet for a few main reasons. First, they want to visit archaeological sites there like: 1. Acropolis and Parthenon. 2. Kerameikos Ancient Cemetery of Athens Archaeology Site and Museum. 3. Monument of Lysicrates. 4. Electeion 5. Temple of Zeus Olympios (Olympieion). 6. Athens favorite sunset spot – Cape Sounion in Attica Second, Greece offers grate fun under the sun on its beaches. Third, some people are just curious and want to expend their knowledge about Greeks culture. In