A Creative Way To Finding Money For College Tuition

  Like I was for many years, my friend Cheryl is a single mother. Cheryl's daughter is going to be the first of her 3 girls to go to college. This young lady wants to be an elementary school teacher because she loves kids and wants to one day have some of her own and having those summers and holidays off with her own children in the future is very important to her. She'll be attending a 2 year junior college to begin with as she doesn't want to go into major debt getting her degree. Sounds like a good head on her shoulder don't you think? The FAFSA has been approved, the Pell Grant received, and after all scholarships are in and all monies applied towards room and board, books, computer, and tuition, there's still a deficit. Finding that last $4,000 for her daughter's first year in college has been a challenge for my friend, especially since she doesn't want to take out any student loans. So, we started brainstorming on how to quickly raise money for college