Tapping Into the Perpetual Energy of Momentum

  The energy of success is high, so high in fact, that just basking in the presence of those that have achieved high levels of it can be enough to energize you for a while. Just like an energizing bunny! Unfortunately, feeding off of others is a temporary fix. When observing associates and highly successful friends and entrepreneurs in your circle, take note of the few traits and habits they all share, that they have in common. These high achievers are not lazy,   so the first obvious thing you'll notice is the high level of energy that they exhibit and enjoy. This high energy level demands movement: they have way too much to accomplish to be sitting around. Whether setting new goals, reflecting about a project they are working on or actively setting up, they hustle, move and shake the world around them. In other words, success is a high energy level that demands attention. But its rewards are unmatched. These high achievers able to tap into a secret vault that not only catapults t