Become a Reseller to Increase Website Traffic

  In order to make money online, you need to find a way to get people to come to your website, and turn those visitors into customers so you can make commissions very fast and extremely easy. Let's consider Google and Facebook for a moment. How are they able to make the kind of money they make when they are not even selling any products? Both platforms are completely free to use for life, and yet they are earning millions of dollars a year in revenue. The way they're able to do this is by allowing paid advertising on their platforms. When people click on a sponsored ad, they will be taken to a website owned or operated by someone else, and Google or Facebook gets paid per click. Traffic is the most valuable commodity on the internet, and that will never change. Instead of selling a product or service that someone may or may not want, you will have a much higher conversion rate when you show them how to increase website traffic, which is something that every business owner needs

Fourteen Practical Steps on How to Gain Massive Traffic

  One of the most important aspects of blogging is funneling traffic, good traffic to your site, because you can also have bad traffic which will do nothing but bug you down. Also you have to work on keeping them coming with proper engagement. WHY do you desire traffic? 1. Traffic translates to more views 2 More views if well managed leads to more revenue. Web traffic can be split into four main types, mainly: 1. Direct Traffic These comes from people that are already aware about your brand and visit your site directly by typing your site name into their web browser 2. Referral Traffic This is the traffic that comes to your site through external links from other web pages. 3. Organic Traffic These come to you through online searches which is aided through Search engine optimization. 4. Social Traffic People visiting your site through links on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. 5.Paid Traffic These are made up of Adwords, Remarketing and others. So how do you now