Why Are Business Relationships So Important?

  The truth is, relationships are so imperative in business that without them you will not be able to create a profit. You'll need to build relationships with many different types of people. Relationships with vendors, contractors, employees, clients and customers are all part of doing business. In fact, some will argue that relationships are one of your most important assets in your business. They Build Trust Relationships give you time to build and develop trust so that a business deal can be made without worry. That doesn't mean you don't still make contracts, but it does mean that you have some assurance based on the relationship that the contract will be honored. Strong Connections Predict Success Studies show that people who develop community connections and strong relationships tend to have a better quality of life, and become more successful than those who don't connect with others. Managing Relationships Takes Skill There are many different aspects of building

When It's Time to Return to Work

  Many of us have seen first hand how quickly our children have become disenchanted with getting up and dressed for school each day, how demotivated they've become about learning and education. But that loss of engagement has not only happened to children during the global pandemic. Working from home, hardly bothering to get washed or dressed for the obligatory zoom meeting, being on furlough, perhaps being paid to do nothing or very little has turned many of us away from being the inspired, motivated career achievers we once were. We've learned to manage on less, value different things and, for quite a few of us, rejoining the corporate or business world of early starts, long days and time spent on the road doesn't really do it for us anymore. But town centres are needing to be revived, shops, office premises, gyms and hospitality are all needing to have life breathed back into them once again, landlords are keen to see their properties occupied and earning income. It'