Transcripts: Building Blocks For Online Content

  If you are an internet marketer then you must know that sometimes it is hard to figure out how to keep fresh content on your website and eyes looking at your Facebook page, blog, or videos. Did you know that if you have audio or videos that this media can be converted into different forms to be used on behalf of your business? This article will be focusing on how to use transcripts to help you work smarter and not harder. Use this transcribed work to convert into several different kinds of media that you can use over and over in different forms to provide your customers with fresh content that is relevant and niche specific. Transcripts can be converted into ebooks/PDFs, email sequences, WSOs, and Power Point slides. Ebooks and PDFs can be created from transcripts that are dictated into a software like Audacity. Using a headset with microphone dictate your researched data in chapter form into Audacity and submit to us for typing. Ebooks or PDFs can also be created from dictation of i