Keyword Research is Not the Answer to Article Marketing Success

  A lot of beginning article marketers tend to spend way too much time on keyword research when determining what keywords to use to write their articles around. While it can serve a purpose, keyword research in general is not the answer to a successful article marketing business. Volume, or submitting as many quality articles as you can is. Before you begin an article campaign, you should do some initial keyword research to accomplish two things. One, you should form a list of keywords that meet a pre-determined criteria, and use these keywords to optimize your articles for. Secondly, you should come up with a list of secondary keywords that you should try to use as much as possible, in all of your articles. The entire process should take no longer than one hour. Many beginners, spend hours upon hours, day after day, searching for the perfect keywords to write articles for. This is unnecessary and, bluntly put, a complete waste of time. Your success with article marketing is directly t