How Gaming Might Be the Solution to Increasing Student Retention

  What is gaming in online education?* Gamification of e-learning essentially involves incorporating game aspects into online courses to motivate and engage students. This can mean utilizing achievement badges, leaderboards, awarding points, level progressions or quests. The games will teach a specific skill or guide students to reach a learning objective, but having the concrete progression visible and the fun game-like aspects keep students engaged and motivates them to return. How does it help with retention? There are many different ways in which gamification of e-learning can help improve engagement, maintain student retention and even get better results long term. Better Learning Environment Adding games or game-like aspects into online courses adds an element of fun and achievement into the learning process, which makes students look forward to progressing instead of dreading the process. Reinvigorating students can be a challenge, but when they are engaged and enjoying the cour