How To Make Other Data Scientists Drool With Envy

  If you are a data scientist, there's a skillset you can learn that is transformational. It will wham doors open for you, wherever you go. Doors your colleagues can't even see. It will rocket-launch you right up to a new level, where what you accomplish with ease makes other drool with envy. And the best part: once you truly learn it, you've got it going for life. What is this skill set, you eagerly ask, from the edge of your seat? Software engineering skills. Add this to your almighty data science skill set, and there's no stopping you. I'm not just talking about becoming a data engineer or a type B DS. Even if you want to stay a normal type-A-for-analyst data scientist, learning this skillset lets you run happy-emoji laps around the crying-emoji data scientists who don't. So... How do you do that? A few of the keys to this kingdom: 1) Escape the notebook You are going to hate this one: You need to become GREAT at writing code OUTSIDE of notebooks. Yes, I know