The Search Doesn't End at Your Homepage

  In a recent report for a new client, I wrote: "Remember, a visitor's search doesn't end when they leave Google. Their search and the phrases associated with it continue right through to the completion of the task they have in mind." Many of us pay attention to the keywords and phrases being used by our visitors when they arrive via a search engine. It makes sense not only because it gets you higher rankings, but also because the use of the right search terms signals to your reader that your page is relevant to them. In other words, your heading and intros are directly relevant to their search. But all too often, once those key phrases are in place, we think the job is done. Not so. There are other key points on your homepage where getting the phrase right can make a big difference. Here's what I mean. Let's say you are working on two pages; the homepage and a second level page. Working with your site logs and a tool like WordTracker, you optimize the homepag