5 Startup Lessons They Don't Teach You in College

  After graduating, the next thing we like to do is partying and celebrating the victory. However, nobody will tell you that challenges are actually on the other side of the college life. Nowadays, every youngster wants to be an entrepreneur, but you know what? Your degree can give you an opportunity to enter in the corporate world but your skills make you survive. In college, you learn what is given in a syllabus, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, there are few things they don't teach you in college. Let's find out the lessons you may not learn in college 1. Deal with Failure A leader fail many times before he succeeds! Every entrepreneur faces failure once in a lifetime but this is not the end of a life. Failure is a continuous process and with every failure, you can make your next move is a successful one. However, nobody will teach you in college how to prepare for failure or for not getting a job. This is something you learn in outside world when life tests you. In a