Select An Online Degree in Finance That Fits Well With Your Current or Upcoming MBA Degree Program

  If an online degree in finance is what you are seeking as part of an accredited MBA degree program, you will be pleased to know that there are several options available. This may also be relevant to you if you are considering a concentration in a specific area of business and an understanding of economics is necessary. A real, accredited MBA school will also see value an online finance degree. Two of the least expensive regionally accredited distance MBA programs are at  Wayne State  and  Chadron State . Check out the prices there, which are reasonable considering that studying an online degree in finance is usually one of the more expensive courses. Another option is  Xavier University , though not regionally accredited also offers an online degree in finance as a part of their MBA program for less than $3,000 and usually requires these fees paid in around 3 equal installments. This will interest you if you favor a theoretical/practical teaching style rather than an exam-oriented ed