How Small Enterprises Can Build a Security Program

  According to a study of 117 organizations by Gartner in the later part of 2020, spending on IT compliance was bound to plateau after witnessing multiple years of unprecedented growth. It is mainly due to the disruption caused by the novel COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, it has also increased a load of legal and compliance teams as they now find themselves navigating through a barrage of organizational risks in a remote work environment. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and continuous compliance and integrations are dominating the landscape of IT compliance. But the need of the hour is to decode their meaning for small enterprises and the way they can capitalize on these concepts to set up a security program. While exploring this issue, one needs to keep in mind the truth that robust computing systems are not synonymous with the most efficient or productive tools for employees. Compliance can only be achieved when people understand a specific security process enti