Why DevOps Is A Top Career Option for Beginners

  This post, I explore what is DevOps and why it is   the B est career for beginners. In DevOps the first Main Process are • Quantification • Collaboration • Automation Understanding DevOps is easier than might be think I will try to explain 4 simple strategies for DevOps beginners 1. What is DevOps 2. Prerequisites for DevOps 3. DevOps: The Career 4. DevOps engineers salary package What is DevOps :- The mainly DevOps Is a software engineering culture it's main aim is development and operations. DevOps sets the philosophies and practices and tools to increase the organizations. In the software industry, there is no perfect model for the software development life cycle (SDLC). if you are considering DevOps as a tool then, you are not right! DevOps is not a tool or a software, it's a culture that you can take up for continuous improvement. DevOps first try to understand the drawbacks of last methodologies. Because those drawbacks of the last models have given enough reason for de