Three Kinds of Python Practice Projects

  One of my readers asked: "Any Python practice projects we can work on for learning you can suggest?" You bet. 1) A Django Webapp This is especially for those of you who haven't done web development. (Data scientists: I'm looking at you.) Being able to create a web application is a valuable skill for any developer. The reason is that it allows you to take any other kind of programming you do, and package it in a way that's accessible to the masses. If you haven't done web dev before, this needs to be your #1 priority, compared to others on the list. (If you *have* done web dev, skip to the next item... get out of your comfort zone.) What framework do you use? Google will point out a dozen great choices for you. It doesn't matter too much which you use. You can pick the one you like. But if you want a recommendation, I'll give you one: Use Django. It's a great full-stack framework, and well documented.. If you find yourself spending more than a few