Find Content to Share With Your Tribe

  This information was shared by Amy Starr Allen... she is a mentor and awesome teacher as well as a successful online marketer. Her content is always spot on and helpful. Here is information from one of her online videos. Content is important to provide value and to increase value to your customers. Providing content is where you can show and teach thereby, increasing your value to your customers and your products. These places provide ideas on where to find substance that can be shared with your customers, followers, tribe, group, down-line, etc. One place to look for ideas to provide content is from discussions you have on social media. Groups in  Facebook, MeWe, Parler,  and other platforms pose questions that people are wanting to be answered. These questions can help you put together valuable information and answers for your following. Another place to search is on  Google  or any search engine. Keywords entered in the search box will give an array of ideas for content to your pa