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Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water - How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get in Drinking Water?

How do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? That's has been a common question since headlines like "AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water" appeared. In actuality there are many sources of the contamination. First, there are human beings. You might think that when you take a medication, all of it is absorbed by the body. That is not the case. A great deal of the medications pass through the body without being metabolized and are excreted, along with other waste products. In order to fully answer the question of how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water, you have to understand that at least some of the waters flowing out of your taps are "recycled" wastewaters. Wastewater treatment facilities need to be state of the art in order to remove all of the traces of medications and other synthetic and organic chemicals that are present in raw sewage. Since the AP probe finds drugs in drinking water samples taken from around the country, obv

Do You Have A Pharmaceutical Drug Deficiency? Big Pharma Hires Mad Scientists To Say You Do

If You Heed The Hype Of The Drug Manufacturing Industry, You Will Begin To Believe You Were Born With A Pharmaceutical Deficiency If you listen to the pharmaceutical representatives and the majority of physicians you will soon be led to believe that you have a "patented" chemical deficiency, which you inherited from birth, and which can only be remedied through statin drugs. Please be aware that the word "patented" should be a reminder to you not to leave your VISA card at home (your gonna need it) when visiting your family drug pusher -- excuse me -- doctor. Although statin drugs have been shown to have an almost zero percent success rate and although these patented chemicals come equipped with very undesirable side effects such as muscle weakness, diabetes, heart attacks and even death, nevertheless these abominations are pushed as miracle drugs. You see, the so-called scientists who make outrageous claims about these "miracle drugs" a

How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get in Drinking Water? - An Interesting Question

Here's an interesting question; how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? Here's another; since the investigate probe finds drugs in drinking water, why doesn't someone do something? Let me try to answer those questions. The sources of the medications found in the samples taken are the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, people and animals. Pharmaceutical companies are not required to treat their wastewater. It goes to a public wastewater treatment facility. Any traces that remain after the manufacturing process end up there. If the facility does not take adequate measures, the traces go back into a river. They end up in our bays and oceans. They have caused mutations in fish and other biological organisms. But, that's not the only answer to; how do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water and it's not the only reason that we have to blame the pharmaceutical industry. Drug companies advice hospitals and individuals to flush unwanted or

How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get in Drinking Water? The Answer is Here

How do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water? Did this question cross your mind after the recent release of an AP investigative report on the subject? Before the story, I never thought about what was in the water that I was drinking. I felt safe. The only time I ever worried about the water that I drinking was when we had a severe storm and a boil water order was issued. But, after seeing that headline flash on the TV screen, I knew I needed to know more. Just like you I asked myself the question, "How do pharmaceutical drugs get in drinking water?" Then I thought about it for a minute. I thought about all the places that drugs are found starting with the labs that create the drugs. From there, the pharmaceuticals reach hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, pharmacies, patients, veterinarians, farmers and the list goes on. I thought about how they get from one place to another. They are transported by boat, plane, car, truck, and mail carrier. And final