Repeatedly Retreating Software Development

  I needed to add a feature to our web application, that required making calls to a vendor's remote web service. This call had to be made soon after the webapp user made a purchase, inside the app - but didn't need to happen right away. In this situation, you don't want to make that remote API call while you're handling the user's web request. For all sorts of reasons. The "right" way to do this: Set up a job queue, that will asynchronously make that web service request. Your webapp can just push the task to this queue, which is quick and reliable, then quickly return the response to the customer. Don't want to keep them waiting, after all, especially when they just gave you money. This kind of job queue is a little complex to set up, but not too bad. And I had four days. Plenty of time. So I started doing it the "right way"... and long story short, it didn't work. I created a new node that would host Celery - a Pythonic task queue - back