Tailor Your Resume, Land Your Dream Job

  Five years ago I began an exciting journey to find a new career after exiting the military. What I thought would be an experience that would provide endless opportunities and bountiful employment offers was anything but that. At this point in my life I was two years in to receiving a bachelors degree in computer science, had developed a well put resume that translated all of my military experience and training into relevant skills for the job I was seeking and had spent hours practicing responses for interview questions. In my mind I had done everything I could to prepare myself to secure my dream job. But instead I found myself working part-time for an Internet service provider making minimum wage and answering customer service requests day in and day out. I wanted more. This was not the future I had envisioned for myself after serving five years in the Army. I was tenacious and driven. I had a solid background and compelling achievements. Even so I spent the next year daydreaming b