Why Your Online Reputation Matters

  It doesn't matter what type of business you have these days - it can be online or offline, large or small. You must manage your online reputation. Here's why your online reputation matters. Most People Will "Google You" before Buying You know you do it, so of course, most others do it too. If you want information on a business or product, you search on Google to see if you can find it. You don't care if it's a local business or not - you go to Google, type in the name, and then you read the reviews and other information about that business. People Buy from Those They Trust Finding good information during the searching process helps build a feeling of trust in your customer. If instead they find bad information, poor ratings, or other things about you or your business that is negative, they may choose a competitor - even if they can't find information on that competitor. Good Reputation Gives a Competitive Advantage The aim is to build such a good reputat