Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

  If you are confused about terms like "search engine optimization" or having a "search engine friendly" site, then listen up! I am here to help. Depending on how long you have had, or considered having, a website online, you have heard terms thrown around like the above or even worse, acronyms! SEO comes to mind. Really there is not that much to fear even if you have no idea right now what is really meant by having a search engine friendly site. Here is what search engines like to have in their results when people type in keywords: 1. A site with lots of content. 2. A site with UNIQUE content (Original - meaning you wrote it or you paid someone to write it for you.) 3. Sites that are well organized link-wise (meaning simple navigation from the main page of your site to every other page of your site.) 4. Sites that have links pointing to them from other popular, relevant sites. (sites that are similar in content to yours but that are not in direct competition with y