What is live shopping, and why do retailers need it?

 The newest commerce trend called Live Shopping or live video shopping allows you to buy from the comfort of your own home. In the past we have seen brands selling on television, such as those on the Home Shopping Network. Live stream shopping is an advanced version of TV shopping. Livestream shopping is elevating the whole experience of online shopping. Furthermore, during the lockdown more and more consumers turned to Live Video Shopping platforms that provided the sensation of in-person shopping without the need to leave the home and then they never stopped. Customers may explore, ask questions, and engage with retailers via Live Streaming Shopping. Although it is a relatively new phenomenon, Live Video Shopping is very popular since it allows consumers to not only watch their favourite online influencers or celebrities test out goods or promote brands in real-time, but can also get immediate feedback and discount coupons. Retail brands may now communicate with prospective custome

Things to consider for Crypto Investors in Europe

 People in business and financial reserves have always been plentiful in Europe. Whenever it comes to investments and securing assets, its countries are always a step forward. The word cryptocurrency hit the Europeans hard, and they didn't need much time to understand it to start making massive amounts of money through trading crypto in Europe . However, the reality is that Europe has the highest amount of cryptocurrency supply and has been a significant driver of higher cryptocurrency prices, especially bitcoin, in recent years. The impact of cryptocurrency on the lives of many European residents has been widely reported. In an interview, Roberto Tonelli, a well-known Italian investor, recently said that he had perfectly covered all of his expenses related to the lavish wedding he had just attended. It is just a matter of knowing what to do and making informed choices at the appropriate moment to secure a winning contract. To utilize cryptocurrency most simply and commonly there i

What are the benefits of Cloud computing

  Cloud computing is an umbrella term used to describe a range services that are web-based services.   It's linked to the Internet.   It's a system where several web technologies for service are combined to give users with access to computing resources at whenever they need. It offers many advantages since it cuts down on the costs associated with infrastructure, central control, the IT infrastructure along with IT services. Multiple Scopes Cloud computing is the continual availability of storage and computing capabilities.   It provides a huge capacity of storage for processing power, but it is not under the an active control of the user.   Large cloud networks usually contain multiple tasks that are running concurrently and each one running in different places. Servers are created in these locations to handle client requests.   They can then be connected via remote computers on the premises of a client.   In turn, it helps to reduce the expense that comes with IT support and

Livestream Shopping: How to Deliver Ecommerce with Personality

 In China, Livestream shopping is very popular, with millions of consumers tuning in to get a plethora of deals. Live video shopping makes it very simple for customers to buy goods in real-time. Real-time interactions, discounts, countdowns, giveaways, and other types of interaction when leveraged during live stream shopping shows keep viewers engaged and coming back for more. Live Shopping is believed to be a $60 billion business in China, and its popularity is rapidly expanding to other nations, particularly as people spend more time at home during the epidemic. The Livestream shopping phenomenon provides a fantastic opportunity for forward-thinking brands and retailers to boost their revenue and engagement rate. However you really require a reliable live video shopping platform to start your live selling journey. A reliable Live online shopping platform can offer a fantastic customer experience while boosting sales. As the potential for Live Shopping in the USA grows, more e-com