Intense Focus is Necessary For Network Marketing Success

  The best thing about owning your own network marketing business is that you hold the key to creating a lifetime, passive, residual income. I think anyone that is currently in the network marketing industry or is interested in getting in is aware of this fact. It definitely beats the alternative of working a job and making someone else rich, or even dealing with the daily stresses of a traditional business. So why do so many people think network marketing doesn’t work or isn’t legit? Even more troubling, why do so many network marketing business owners quit this industry in a relatively short amount of time? The short answer is they’re not making any money. But the longer answer is that they haven’t done the income producing activities and maintained the amount of intense focus that is absolutely necessary for making huge monthly profits in network marketing. You see, many people enter this industry thinking that after they sign up, the sheer power of the business model, especially on