Forum Marketing for Targeted Free Traffic

  Forum marketing is a way of directing targeted traffic to your sales pages. This is done via your signature box at the end of your post which can contain a link to you sales pages. Links are not allowed in you post just good content. In order to get a post read and responded to you must make them interesting and helpful, definitely not just comments like I agree, in answer to other peoples posts. You need to be seen as an expert in your particular field. If you answer questions asked by others with useful answers you will gain a following. If you don’t know the answers you can always Google the question; you will gain knowledge and improve your perceived status, meanwhile gaining followers. If other members like what you say and you sound knowledgeable they will want to see what your offers are all about and will open your signature at the end of your posts; if your offer is good they will click through to your sales pages and now you have free traffic. One advantage to bear in mind,