How Can I Make My Website Load Faster

  Improving your page load speed can increase conversions and drastically improve the user's experience using your website. Thankfully, there are some very simple things that you can do to improve your page load speed. The More You Have on a Page the Longer It Takes to Render These are called HTTP requests, and they bring in the components of all the things on the page - from images to style sheets and everything that makes your website look as it does. But there are ways to minimize the HTTP requests so that it doesn't make it take longer. Even a few seconds of improvement will mean higher conversions. Use the Information on Google's Webmaster Google Webmaster gives you all sorts of tools to use, including something called Page Speed Tools. This allows you to analyze the speed of your website, as well as gives you suggestions of what to do to fix it. You can also use Chrome to install various extensions that help you keep your site running fast. Be Sure to Compress Where Y