Online Entrepreneurship - The Thriving Business Model

  Waking up leisurely in the morning, a hot cup of coffee arriving at your bed side, relaxing in the couch reading the newspaper to kick-start your day and spending the rest of your time in front of the PC/Laptop browsing Facebook - seems like a day off from work? Welcome to the world of online entrepreneurs, the new dimension of modern business where you can work from the place of your convenience without worrying about the time, location or the boss. Online supply chain management started off as a big hit with companies like Amazon, eBay, etc. ridiculed the concept of physical brick and mortar store by their success. Today this online supply chain management model is further simplified. The idea is to make those extra bucks by just owning a page liked by thousands of people. This would mean, you are not going to spend time and money on hunting for a domain name, rattle your brains trying to get the expertise of maintaining a website and devote time writing about your comp