How to Spot a Bad SEO Company Before Hiring Them

  Using Inferior Link Schemes Stay away from SEO firms that make use of inferior link schemes. Links that are built quickly and for the wrong purposes are SEO techniques that are frowned upon by the search engines. Such strategies can ruin a site's credibility. As a matter of fact, once Google discovers that a site uses such techniques, search engines can penalize or even blacklist the site. In contrast, a reputable SEO company builds quality in-bound links, and does this by means of high-quality content that is relevant to the website. Promising to Include your Website in Numerous Online Directories The idea sounds great since everyone wants to have tons of traffic driven to their site. However, you have to keep in mind that such a process can only be possible by using lots of low quality links. Actually, search engines will only consider a few links via this method. This means that being listed in hundreds of directories will not help you by any means. Driving Irrelevant Traffic