The Negative Economic Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

  The negative economic after-effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic is resulting in huge financial struggles, that could potentially be worse than the Great Depression of 1929.   Covid-19 is wreaking absolute havoc on a global scale   with millions of people under forced lockdown, and businesses going bankrupt. The following scenarios highlight the extent of the problems and challenges we are being faced with. Record unemployment , and as a direct result, a significant boost in crime, bankruptcies, and homelessness. A money-starved population  that has not conserved their financial assets during the previous periods of growth, will anticipate being covered by their Federal Governments throughout the hard times. Some nations will of course be much better able to do this than others. Banks failing and restrictions on holding or withdrawing of cash . Federal Governments will have a very hard time to cover their insurance of bank deposits, and some people could even lose their savings. This