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  Completing your education from an Ivy League college can definitely be one of your biggest fortes and provide you a lifestyle that you have always dreamt off. But getting admission in the university you are looking for may not be a cakewalk for you and you have to take the proper guidance from an education consultancy that you can trust. Jen Next Mentors are one such place where all your education and immigration needs can be well-taken care off. Some of the most important pointers that an education consultant should keep in mind before planning their education overseas are mentioned below: Evaluating the profile:  It is very important and the foremost step in the whole process in which the client's requirements and needs are discussed along with where they stand at the present if looking for the completion of their studies from a reputed foreign university. Choosing the right university:  You cannot just think and get the admissions in your desired university, there is a lot of