5 Tips to Gain More Profits From Your Upsells and Downsells

  A time-honored way to increase the price point of each transaction is to offer an upsell. Another time-honored way to ensure you don't lose a sale entirely, is to offer a downsell to people who may have reasons for not needing or purchasing the main offer (usually a lack of funds). 1. Know Your Customers Until you know your customers, it will be very hard to run any successful offers at all. Knowing your audience inside and out enables you to ensure that every offer you make solves problems for your customers. It will also assist you in knowing just the right upsell or downsell to make and when to make it. 2. Ensure Your Upsell Is Related to Your Original Offer When you choose either an upsell or a downsell, they need to be closely related to the first offer. If not, it will be confusing. An example of this practice might be offering a  "How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy"  eBook and as an upsell offer you could add a  "30-Day Menu Plan with Grocery List, Recipes,