6 Myths That Stop Simple Business Ideas From Becoming Reality

  Do you dream of starting a business, but somehow, some way you found a way to talk yourself out of it? Maybe you came up with a few simple business ideas – great ideas but others told you that it can’t be done because it’s too risky, or the idea won’t work. Maybe you are starting to listen to them. Before you decide to walk away from those simple business ideas of yours, lets put to rest some of those things you are hearing or might have heard out there. These are statements, old wives tales, stuff that have been around for a long time, things that sound true but are not. Nonetheless, these are things that keep people from pushing forward with starting a business. Things that almost kept me from starting. In his book, Start Late Finish Rich, David Bach mentioned six myths that people hear about starting a business. Myth 1 – You need a lot of money . The reality is that most people don’t have a lot of this. I did some research and it’s amazing how little you need to start a business.