Who Says Internet of Things Is for Smart Homes?

When a supplier of aviation fuel was looking at the huge logistical challenge of fueling aircraft in international airports - moving oil from the refinery to the aircraft - from a different lens, they looked at what the latest in IT can do to help. A highly sophisticated system, as well as reliable communication up to the fueling vehicle, was the need of the hour. They went for a fuel handling system (FHS) that modeled and integrated all processes from the refinery to fueling. All fuel carrying vehicles were equipped with an onboard computer, touch screen, printer, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and measuring system. That's not all. The FHS was then connected with the ERP system of airlines and the oil company, as well as flight display board systems of airports. The result - accuracy, efficiency and cost savings. Welcome to Industry 4.0 We are witnessing, across the world, a whole new revolution in manufacturing and supply, which we have now come to call The Fourth Industrial