Identity Theft and Your Tax ID Number

  Truth to be told, a business even has its own particular Social Security number that can be stolen by an identity theft criminal, and make things hopeless for an entrepreneur. Corporate identity fraud (or business data fraud) can close your business' entryways and even returned if your business isn't organized to shield you from that danger. The Tempting Target There are numerous reasons an identity theft criminal may focus on a business. A bigger organization may have a few Visas on a solitary record, and not try looking over the separated rundown of charges before they pay the bill. Indeed, even little organizations have a tendency to have liberal credit terms and not checked clearly by the bank. A personality cheat additionally knows that it is so natural to get data about your business. For instance, most organizations show their business permit in the anteroom, now and again on the grounds that they are required by law to do as such. Obviously, different organizations ar

Vote For Politicians Who Prioritize HOPE Over Fears!

  If, I have learned anything, from my, over four decades, of, working on several, political campaigns, it probably is, because many voters, seem to often, vote, based on their prejudice, and fears, they seem, unwilling to do the right - thing, and, therefore, refuse to proceed, with   HOPE,  instead! Unfortunately, this fear - oriented, thinking, is, what I call,   stinkin' thinkin' , because, the overall, philosophy, and mind - set, is, at - odds, with, the essential, Constitutional guarantees, and protections of freedoms, rights, and the core - concept,   with liberty and justice, for all ! We are currently witnessing, one of the major political parties, apparently, focusing their attention, and efforts, on, merely, holding office, rather than serving and representing the best interests, of most Americans! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it