Beautiphol: Art in a State of Entertainment

  Art has to be entertaining. If not, it will fail to communicate with its audience in any constructive way and any message that it might carry will be lost. Any song you write about love that doesn't entertain the ear, will be discarded... and its message of love will be dissolved by the sounds of boredom and indifference of your listener. The same applies to all forms of art. Directors know that once people start snoring during their movies, they've lost the game. Writers, painters... they all know that once you fail to entertain your reader/viewer, any chance you had at communicating your emotions and your beliefs, is evaporated faster than hydrogen on a bright sunny day in the heart of Cairo. That being said, art being entertaining is one thing... and art being "entertainment" is another. A good example here is the magician. He is an entertainer and his goal is by definition self-explanatory... to entertain with the use of magic. What he does takes tremendous skil