How to Do Facebook Ads Effectively

  Facebook is a wonderful tool to use when marketing your business, products and/or services. They make it really easy for anyone to do it, whether a large corporation or a small home business. You can run Facebook ads effectively by setting a goal, and then taking the steps necessary to reach that goal. Test what you are doing, and check in on how everything you're doing is working. Build Your Email List Using Facebook to build your email list is very effective because they make it easy with the ability to add tabs and a call to action to get people to sign up for your list. Plus you can put up a nice banner that points people to the call to action. Get More Page Likes Using Facebook ads to get more likes for your business pages or to promote your communities is a great way to increase engagement. Make the ad truly relevant to your audience and you'll get a better response. Segment Your Audience You have a large audience, but you also have smaller subset audiences that you can

Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Personality on Facebook

  Social Media has allowed us entrepreneurs to start businesses with little cost and spread our message to thousands more people than we could have otherwise. But, in the process, you have to be careful not to   only   post about your business. When you do that, you may come off as just a pushy salesman, and your followers can soon get bored and abandon you. But the beauty of social media, especially Facebook, is that you can also show your followers who you are "off the job". You can pique their interest with personal "lifestyle" photos and posts. Sharing parts of your life is a good way to help develop a "know, like, and trust" relationship with your audience. Posts that include things like photos and funny stories will make you appear more approachable, and your followers be more likely to be interested in your products. So, here are just a few fun ways to lighten up the mood on Facebook and increase engagement with your followers: 1-Share Your Humor Di