Network Marketing – It’s a Big Obstacle, and How to Overcome It

  There’s a well-recognized problem with network marketing. It’s the perception that inherent to the network marketing model is the need to “chase people down” in order to get their business. This problem cuts two ways. It affects potential prospects, and it affects network marketers. The problem of chasing people down affects potential prospects because no one likes feeling like they are being hunted by a salesperson. Think about it. Whenever you have sensed that you are being chased down by a marketer, you lose respect for him. You also lose interest in whatever that person may want to offer you. And that’s too bad, because the service or product that would have been offered (if you had not turned the offending marketer away) may actually have been of benefit to you. This problem of chasing people down also affects network marketers themselves. In fact, I’d venture to guess that all network marketers really despise chasing people down for business because it’s so unnatural, and unpro