7 Myths About Air Purifiers That You Should Stop Believing in

  Over the past few years, the demand for air purification units has gone up significantly. When winter is around the corner, the quality of air may come down. Although air purifiers are quite effective as far as indoor air pollution is concerned, some people have misconceptions about these devices. We are going to bust some of these myths for you. Read on to find out more. Enclosed spaces don't require air purifiers Some people think that their homes are free of pollutants. However, the reality is that indoor air is much more polluted due to a lack of air circulation. Therefore, if you install an air purifier it can turn your home into a bubble of clean air. So, you will be protected against polluted air that is outside. Without an iota of doubt, indoor air purifiers are the friends of homeowners. Primarily, it all boils down to the outside air quality. If the air quality is too bad, we suggest that you keep all of the doors and windows closed. But you can open some windows if you