Branding Through Social Media

  Are you looking forward to social media as the coolest, cheapest and the most effective medium to reach your customers? Well you are really canny and updated to think so. Social media is being widely used for the branding by brands both old and new. This is because it is the platform where the people peep for even the teeny-tiny information about everything from FMCG to durables, from food stuffs to cosmetics and almost everything. However this trend has equally been recognised by your competitors. So how do you make sure that your product is liked from among the competitive brands, and the customers feel the brand as the one they can trust? After all its your customer reach that matters. Many brands these days hire branding agencies to handle their social media pages I would suggest you to do it by yourself with some easy to go tips. So here are a few tips to use social media to not just create brand awareness but also compete with your competitors and not just inform maximum of the

How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing

  There are so many ways to use Facebook Live to market your business. As you read these ideas, it's likely you'll think of even more ways. When you do think of ideas, write them down in a file so that you can try them out. Host a Customer Contest Go live and then invite your customers to go live in your group or on your page. Tell them you want to hear about how they use your product or service, and what a difference it's made for them in their lives or business. This is a great way to get testimonials that can even go viral. Whichever live gets the most likes, wins. Host a Round Table with a Panel of Experts Bring in some experts about your topic and host a round table. Allow viewers to submit questions in advance so that even those who watch the recorded version can get their question in. Then let the panel offer their advice on the question. You can have many questions or just one question, weekly or monthly. Host an Open Question Hour You can go live at any moment and