10 Basic Rules for Where to Place Your Keywords

  First of all, Google and most other search engines do NOT look at the META keyword tag. Many people say not to bother with it, but I use the META keyword tag and I place my keyword phrases in it. Here's why. I use this tag to help me remember what keyword phrases I am optimizing the page for. You'll find this to be a big help later when you have a lot of pages and have forgotten what keyword phrases you were trying to optimize the page for in the first place. For the META description tag, keep your most important keyword phrase near the beginning of the sentence and make this tag a full sentence. Do NOT use bold or italic keyword phrases in the first sentence on the page, but DO use your most important keyword phrase in the first sentence, but not the first word. By all means, use your keyword phrases in your headings, (H1, H2 and H3). Start putting keyword phrases in bold in the second paragraph. Put your keywords or keyword phrases in italics a few times AFTER the first usa