Google: The Ultimate Web Writer's Style Guide

  Indulge me for a moment. Forget that Google is a search engine. Just for a moment, imagine it is a style guide. A very different kind of style guide. Instead of this particular style guide being written as a static book by an expert or two, it is written by studying the searching and browsing habits of hundreds of millions of web users. Get the idea? Not a search engine. A style guide. A constantly evolving style guide that works from its insights into how people use and read web sites. A style guide that puts the visitor first, puts their needs ahead of the academic opinions of experts. A style guide that automatically rewards sites that serve their readers the best. If we study Google not as a search engine, but as a style guide, what does it tell us about how we should write our web pages? >> 1. Make the subject of each page absolutely clear. As visitors arrive at your site, regardless of the entry page, the first question in their minds is, "Am I in the right place? Wi