What Makes CoWorking Spaces Ideal for Entrepreneurs

  How many new startups do you think India must have added in 2017? You will be amazed to know that, according to the Nasscom Startup Report India saw an addition of over 1,000 startups last year. Yes, it means 1000 new companies or entrepreneurs. Today, India has the third largest startup ecosystem across the world, amidst mounting competition from countries like UK and Israel. The new additions take the total number of technology startups to nearly 5,200, making tech-enables or technology startups as the hottest new companies. The country also witnessed a rapid rise in the business with these startups focusing on verticals like health tech, fintech, e-commerce and aggregators. This comes to the next interesting question of how with restricted finance these new businesses, manage office spaces. With the whopping real estate prices, buying an office space means using funds that can otherwise be used to develop infrastructure, technology, operations, last mile delivery, etc. And if you