How To Make Your New Website Popular

  When you make a new website, it is important to bring traffic to the website to expand your business and get leads. There are millions of websites over the internet, but most of them do not know how to make their new websites popular and bring lots of visitors to their site. Here are some of the steps that if followed will surely bring lots of traffic and also returning visitors to your website. 1. Good Layout And Design The first step while building a website is it should have a good well balanced layout with proper colour combination. The website should be easily readable with easy navigation. People reject and close websites that look ugly and unattractive. The fonts used should be simple and of suitable size. We can take the example of Google as the most popular website being so simple yet so famous and popular. The website should also not be cluttered with empty spaces around. 2. PPC Advertising Google AdWords is the most popular option if you want to bring paid traffic. PPC or