5 Essential Safety Tips For Your First Solo Hiking Trip

  A lot of people spend time outdoors to take a break and relax, to reconnect with themselves and to reduce stress and anxiety. Hiking is a great activity for those who wish to reconnect with themselves, especially if you go solo. You get to do whatever you need and decide your own pace. Solo hikers say it's an experience of a lifetime. While being outdoors by yourself is an amazing experience, it's a very unpredictable place that's why it's essential that you prioritize your safety. Follow these safety tips for your first solo hiking trip: Pick the right trail It doesn't matter how much hiking experience you have in your bag - for your first solo hiking trip, it's important that you pick a trail that is well-marked and well-travelled with conditions and terrain well within your abilities. It's important to pick a trail nearby your area or one you've hiked before. For your first time, you might want to avoid a trail with too much exposure or that has riv

Do You Want to Earn Money by Writing Travel Blog

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