4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Online Course

  Creating and selling online courses can be a great way to earn some revenue from working online, but it can also be quite challenging to make the money from them initially. However, even with a very small budget (or no budget at all!), there are ways that you can promote your online course and try to make at least a few sales. 1. Promote the online course on your social media Depending on the type of website you have, you may have social media accounts for your small business. Even if you haven't set up social media accounts for it yet, you can promote your online course on your own private social media. Don't forget to make your posts public so that friends of friends can see them and people can share to their friends and a wider audience. Look for groups which relate closely to your online course topics and share within these. 2. Create content about your course People won't buy your online course unless you have managed to explain what it teaches and the benefits that