6 Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools for an Organization

  Rapid Authoring tools have proven their worth, not just by how quick and easy they are to use, but by turning out to be more successful in training/coaching, making modules more effective, and for delivering the best learning experiences. Generally, these software programs embed various multimedia elements within the training courses, such as animations, illustrations and even graphics. But why are these rapid authoring tools gaining so much popularity? Why are so many organizations adapting these tools? When comparing these tools with ones that have been around a while, such as Dreamweaver, XML/HTML, JavaScript and Flash, they offer more benefits and surpass all the advantages that were once offered by the oldies. Some of the key benefits are mentioned below: 1.Saves time and training costs - Rapid Authoring tools help reduce the cost and time involved in the development of E-Learning courses. They also mitigate the usage of any additional software and their default interfaces as we

5 Knowledge Management Challenges Managers Face

  Knowledge management aims to transform raw data into understandable information, which is then stored in case of any future need based on similar experiences. Knowledge management helps to solve problems, create new projects and product development, and generate new ideas. Needless to say, it is more than merely knowing every little detail of your organization, what it has learned and created in the past, it is about establishing the connection between the people and the information to receive a synergetic effect. Knowledge managers face a lot of obstacles. Getting People Motivated. It can be very challenging to bring people to think alike. Employees, especially developers, are used to do things in a certain way. Getting the team motivated to share their ideas and work in a shared space is vital for the creation and success of the community and productivity. The easiest way to build a solid team is to arrange an environment, where they will be comfortable to accept new cultures, shar