5 Things to Do Before Renting Out Your House

  Renting your property may seem like an easy way to increase your passive income, but upon starting the process, you may find it to be more complicated than expected. Your house may sit on the market for months without a rental applicant because it is priced above the fair market rent. A bad tenant may be late or outright refuse to pay rent; they have the potential do thousands of dollars in property damage and may ignore your attempts to evict them from the property until authorities are involved. So how can you avoid the headache of these common difficulties associated with renting a property? Here are five things to do before renting out your house to reduce the risk and stress of being a new landlord. 1. Take Photographs of the Property Photographs of the property are necessary for several reasons. They are an important part of online advertising - otherwise favorable rental listings without pictures of the property are often passed over by potential tenants because they do not wa