The Friendships That Develop In College

  As students move through college, friendships will develop naturally. They occur through the contacts students have with classmates, dorm mates, teammates, work mates and other associations that come about by chance and circumstance. Aristotle opined that there are two kinds of friendship: mutual need and mutual appreciation. "Mutual Need" friendships include those of 'utility' and those of 'pleasure.' They tend to satisfy short-lived needs. "Mutual Appreciation" friendships are based on the 'personal qualities' of the people themselves and often last much longer. Friendship: Reciprocal Goodwill -- Aristotle Because short-term friendships are frequently built on utility or pleasure, they usually exist because each person immediately benefits in some way from the relationship. Class projects, school athletic teams, extra-curricular activities, part-time and summer work assignments and community activities all fall within the category of frie